Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving in

Sometimes you just have to give in to the urge to work something through - even if the timing couldn't be worse!  In the last few days I've been struggling with the ongoing paint job at the house (enough said), listing on Etsy, making some custom orders and helping the kids finish their Halloween costumes (required for school tomorrow).  I swore I would not help them this year, but somehow last night I helped my son make a matador hat and today I have to finish the edges of a bird costume that my daughter has almost finished.  She is actually becoming quite handy with a sewing machine - an essential life skill in my little world...

When those serendipitous things happen in your work, it is such a gift that you should just accept it and work with it instead of struggling.  Sometime ago I bought a set of metallic paints to use with polymer, but every time I tried them the result was so disappointingly garish that I would throw all the results away and curse my inability to resist temptation in art supply stores.

These new beads came about as a result of using up scrap bits of transfers and putting them onto the surface of my hollow beads.  It occurred to me that this might be a good way to use metallic, because there is some movement in the action of applying the metallic tile to the bead which removes the static quality of painted metallic.  It's this quality that I think I've identified as being the one I dislike.

It started late one night (after cleanup) with this set of beads -

You can see the tile and the random texture I used to fill the intervening spaces - nature abhors a vacuum and so, apparently, do I!

Then a couple of days later I dragged out the metallic you ever have an idea you think is great and might work but you are almost afraid to try it because  you will be so disappointed when it doesn't work?  That mindset, that's how it was...this little fellow popped  up because stripes are on my mind.

I liked the fact that the metallic paint was visible, starting to break up, and married well with the texture.  So then these followed, all  taking little tiny steps towards other ideas.

I do like the painterly landscape quality of this particular set.  What's fun is learning to control the degree of spread of the tiles, and you do have a LOT of control - which I like.

This is the last one so far -

It has a quietness about it because the metallic is buried under translucent. Just one of the literally hundreds of possible variations for this technique.  I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a tutorial on this technique, or if it is just my current enthusiasm that is making me a little blind here?  Do let me know!

Sorry for the long post - if I could discover how to put photos side by side on Blogger I would be a happy woman!  I think I must be missing something very obvious...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and the winner is...

Early morning.  Must make lunches for school - must unload dishwasher to get rid of this breakfast stuff...

No, must rush to the computer to print out the names for the draw and fold them them up wee small so that the kids can pick one this morning!  Son refuses to get up.  Daughter a little grumpy when asked to stick her hand in the bowl....

But then relents, because she is a lovely child at heart....

Can you see it yet?  Son staggers into the room in the midst of the excitement...he is completely at sea with all this and is only concerned with convincing me that hot chocolate would make a nutritional breakfast!

Thanks for pandering to your mother's morning whimsies - job well done, YOU deserve that hot chocolate!

Here it is.

Lovely Veerle from ne vous installez pas!  You must check out her blog, she has an amazing way with crochet and necklaces, among other things...Thanks all of you for commenting and now I'm sorry you all didn't win.

I just couldn't resist - perhaps next time I'll use the random number generator to minimize the drama.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Last day...

This is the last day to enter my celebration giveaway!  Can you tell I'm excited because it's my first? Three more beady type things have jumped into the bag as I clean off my desk for the start of the week - a star with a cutout, a kind of amulet with a mysterious tile and another transfer bead.  So, please do enter by posting a comment on this blog entry here:

 My last fall day for painting exterior woodwork as it will be rainy for the next few days - oh joy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time waits for noone, nor does a giveaway...

It's been a while - and I do apologise!  I had the best of intentions when September started.  It's certainly been a busy month and, most exciting for me, I reached 150 sales in my Etsy shop!  Time management remains a problem, especially as I have the project of painting the house to complete before winter sets in completely (notice how I cleverly don't give myself an actual deadline?  Clever, that...)  The hours with the brush in hand also let ideas roll (somewhat frustratingly) through my head.

To get to the point - to celebrate 150 sales, I am having a little giveaway here!   Just comment on this blog before the end of next Monday, October 18 and I'll enter you for the draw for these lovely orphans.  (Please, they need a home!)  They include (among others) a flat fly bead,  3 new ruffle beads, assorted other transfer beads and a leafy pod thing.  On Tuesday morning next, I'll write your names on bits of paper and get my kids to do the deed!

I'll be back tommorow to tell you about a new project I'm involved in, and to post some new work!  Really, truly!