Monday, September 3, 2012

and the winners are….

I know and I apologise…I’m late.  The run up to school has suddenly included (among other things)  a complete overhaul of the kid’s rooms, including a paint job.  I’ve been meaning to paint their rooms since we moved in (4 years ago, says she with a red face) and it seems that now is the time.  The benefit is that now they can help with the job and learn about the joys of cheap renovation via painting!  Max’s room is a wonderful bright green which rejoices in the name of ‘Lime Freckle’.  Suits him…he has wonderful freckles, though not green ones.


A couple of shots of Max’s new green womb…he coils himself in there and reads for hours…


Rachel’s room isn’t quite finished, but you can see the blue she has chosen.  It looks too Madonna’s robe blue here and is actually a little greener in real life.  My camera doesn’t do blues well.  Here is a demented shot of the wonderful (if a little sinister) Victorian doll’s house that Rachel inherited from her great aunt.  Yes, it is filled with miniatures…

My wonderful daughter also cut out all the entries for the draw and I folded them up into small bundles.  Somehow we like this better than the old random number generator, possibly because we are luddites at heart.  My daughter is no friend to technology (although she can work her way around a computer just fine, thank you…) and I’m seeing at school that it isolates you from your peer groups if you’re not connected.  But that is her choice – we all have to use technology in a way that works for us!  But I digress…you’d like to hear the winners, no?

              IMG_0015                      IMG_0014     

                                        IMG_0016                  IMG_0017
         And the winners are.......Peg Gerrard and Linda Sudimack!
I don't have email addresses or shipping addresses for either of you, although I see that Linda has an Artfire shop linked to blogger, so I'll try sending a message there.  If either of you see this please contact me through Etsy or this blog so I can get your mailing addresses and send out your winnings!
And please, check in with me tomorrow as I’ll be adding my first video (made by me…) to my blog.  It will be up tomorrow barring any more unforeseen technical glitches.  Oy, the world of video formats and converters is horrible….