Friday, May 27, 2011

True to my word ..

 I just listed 10 things on Etsy today - new pods previewed in my last post, and some of the new connector bead pendanty things. Wow, I am happy as the new listing process went live yesterday for everyone (finally) and it IS GOOD.  Can finally save a draft without having to email it to myself.  All on one page (we have waited a while for that).  Can tweet or facebook more changing to short urls separately!  I am convinced this will make a huge difference for me, now that I also have a better handle on the photography side of things.

 I'm including pictures of the pods because they have been selling quickly - so this time I posted them all at once instead of in dribs and drabs.  There are 3 more sets going up on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's on my table...

Can't believe two weeks have rocketed by.  I do have a number of posts up my sleeve, but today is Wednesday.   So, without, I promise, further carping about the mess on my table, I will show what is lying on it.  Mostly, it has been a finishing up kind of week.  I've had some interesting custom orders which took some time to percolate down from my brain to my hands, and there are some extras which will be going into the shop in the next day.  Mostly pods....all different.  The ones on the outside of the ring are waiting to be finished.

Along with the pods came scrap.  What do you do with your scrap?  I can never resist the temptation to try something with it, as fiddling and poking and altering scrap has in the past generated some of my more interesting work. ( Alarming - what does this bode for my more deliberate work, one wonders?)
I'm thinking connectors and pendants and this is what came out.   Fun, part painting and part collage...
They will arrive in my Etsy shop in the next day or so.

Be sure to head over to Flickr to see what other people in the group are working on! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday....a little late

I have been looking at people's intriguing posts about what they have on their table for some time.  I joined the group on Flickr - so what's my problem?  How come I haven't posted?  Well, truth to tell, my work space is a disaster most of the time, but I've realized that I'm not the only one.  I'm trying very hard to set aside 15 minutes or so every day for tidying and sorting, but there is a steady accumulation that resists this determined assault and, worst of all, there is always one thing that resists the pigeon-hole.  Those things add up daily...things I've made and can't part with yet, things I'd be embarrassed to part with, things I haven't finished yet, things I will never finish...and on it goes.  So that's it then - my bead table today is having to deal with pieces/beads I never dealt with completely or properly!

These include:  a set of grapey textured beads that just got some ochre highlights after sitting around here for ages ( now I  like them),  a new layered pendant ( how did that sneak in there before the old junk - tsk tsk), some pods I reworked because I really didn't like them ( better now), some layered, old and mysterious looking stacked triangles that I didn't like til I took the alcohol pen to them ( alcohol pens, my new best friends, I think that rhymes...), post earrings I 've had finished for yonks and haven't been quite sure about (only one way to test that out - list them, dammit!), a striped flat oval set which I 've been dithering about because they don't quite look like the ones I was supposed to remake ( so what, maybe they are actually better than the first ones...), and the list goes on.

 The focus of the table - above ( I did wipe up the black paint spills in search of proper contrast...)

Then the individual problems, now hopefully solved!

As I write this out it's actually a little frightening to see the amount of dither and worry that is generated by this stuff.  Don't efficiency experts tell you that you should only handle a piece of paper once?  I must have handled some of these pieces dozens of times in trying to decide what to do about them, this is not interesting productive or efficient....

I think facing at least a few of my dilemmas on Bead Table Wednesdays could be helpful. To say the least. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Camera talk

When I first started listing on Etsy and posting to Flickr (and all the rest) I thought that the whole photographic process would be the death of me.   I hated EVERYTHING about it and I'm sorry about the capital letters here, but in my mind that everything is ten feet high at least.  Composing the picture, the background, the lighting, the 'branding' (or lack thereof!!!), the editing, were all uniformly tough to deal with.  The only spot of light here is the view of someone raised in the film era, at least one doesn't have to wait for processing and you can cheerfully format over all your hideous errors.  This is where I can love technology.

All this hatred coincided with the purchase of my first point and shoot SONY, (can't remember the model) which actually took quite decent macro shots. Although, it took me a long time to learn to use it effectively...Then it was stolen in our house burglary in 2008 (along with all the photos in the computer which I had only half backed up...).  I bought another SONY (DSC W210, around 200$) which, as I discovered, did not let me get nearly as close in macro mode as I would have liked as it had a wider angle lens on it than my original.  Grr, no money to buy a better camera.....

Of course, as I embraced technology, I realized that I would really like to have a DSLR, but the cost was high for its primary use.  Do I need to shoot RAW format, shoot in low light a lot, need massive telephoto lenses as long as my arm - or indeed, do I need to be able to change lenses at all?  No, I don't think I do - to all of those things, really.

Long story short, I started checking ebay and local sales for used high end point and shoots.  I was looking for 12 mp, really decent macro shots and some manual focus capability and some aperture and shutter control.  Missed out on a Canon G10 for 250$, but finally found this:  (free shipping, too!)

In case you can't read it, it's a Canon Powershot 650is.  All for only 125$, perfect body condition and function (so far, at least...).  It is the next step down in the Canon line from the G series (roughly, DSLRS, G series, then this series.)  It's worth checking out the used route as there are always people upgrading and this camera does everything I could ever need!  I'm not attempting to shill for the Canon corporation, merely pointing out that there are great cameras to be had used from the top manufacturers that are now outmoded, but perfectly serviceable for internet stuff.

I also like the swing out monitor even though I thought I wouldn't.  It swings shut and protects the monitor from clutzes like me - also the camera is large, but very comfortable to hold (curved grip), which again I thought was a negative, but turns out to be a plus as I find the tiny point and shoots kinda difficult to hang on to!  This camera just melds into my largish hand.  Also, it takes 4 ordinary alkaline batteries, which is also a plus, as  I can't count the number of times I've forgotten the charger for the custom batteries of my other cameras while travelling.  So far, the battery life is impressive.

And wow, aperture control on macro!  Now I can do those lovely background (or foreground ) blurred shots that really bring the details of the work into the eye of the beholder!  Gee, I might make the Etsy front page!  It has a host of other features that I haven't even explored yet.  The best thing about digital photography is that with each camera, the learning curve is shorter - really!

 It will focus as close as 1cm from the object!  Excuse all the not very informative pictures, but immediately, I love this camera!  The swivelling LCD makes it very easy to get shots from strange angles, or over people's heads, for that matter.

Hey, maybe I'll actually enjoy photography again.   And not just studio work either....