Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday....a little late

I have been looking at people's intriguing posts about what they have on their table for some time.  I joined the group on Flickr - so what's my problem?  How come I haven't posted?  Well, truth to tell, my work space is a disaster most of the time, but I've realized that I'm not the only one.  I'm trying very hard to set aside 15 minutes or so every day for tidying and sorting, but there is a steady accumulation that resists this determined assault and, worst of all, there is always one thing that resists the pigeon-hole.  Those things add up daily...things I've made and can't part with yet, things I'd be embarrassed to part with, things I haven't finished yet, things I will never finish...and on it goes.  So that's it then - my bead table today is having to deal with pieces/beads I never dealt with completely or properly!

These include:  a set of grapey textured beads that just got some ochre highlights after sitting around here for ages ( now I  like them),  a new layered pendant ( how did that sneak in there before the old junk - tsk tsk), some pods I reworked because I really didn't like them ( better now), some layered, old and mysterious looking stacked triangles that I didn't like til I took the alcohol pen to them ( alcohol pens, my new best friends, I think that rhymes...), post earrings I 've had finished for yonks and haven't been quite sure about (only one way to test that out - list them, dammit!), a striped flat oval set which I 've been dithering about because they don't quite look like the ones I was supposed to remake ( so what, maybe they are actually better than the first ones...), and the list goes on.

 The focus of the table - above ( I did wipe up the black paint spills in search of proper contrast...)

Then the individual problems, now hopefully solved!

As I write this out it's actually a little frightening to see the amount of dither and worry that is generated by this stuff.  Don't efficiency experts tell you that you should only handle a piece of paper once?  I must have handled some of these pieces dozens of times in trying to decide what to do about them, this is not interesting productive or efficient....

I think facing at least a few of my dilemmas on Bead Table Wednesdays could be helpful. To say the least. 


Janice said...

I also have things on my bench that I'm not sure I will ever finish. Tons of misc. silver sheet pieces, bezels, woven fine silver cuff (with no clasp), reticulated (half reticulated)silver cuff with gold kuem boo (I should be shot for that one!), pietersite cab in bezel (w/o bail), washers, earring wires, on and on. You're not alone! I love the colors of your re-worked pods -they make my heart melt! :o)

Genevieve said...

I have sort of come to the conclusion that efficiency and art have nothing to do with one another anyway. Business should be efficient - so if you are an artist who wants to sell stuff I kind of figure you need have the efficient side (money, shipping, customer service) AND the non efficient but VITAL art side...which translates to a "lively" work table (lets use lively instead of messy) where thoughts and ideas come to life as beads and bits and pieces. No, I don't think an artist work table should ever be a sterile environment

Genevieve said... I am not say never clean up. I hear you and I've been there. Sorry if my first comment sounded unsympathetic.
But to some degree I think we also need to face the reality. I don't think straight through, without stopping, from point A to point B with no other thought interjecting itself - so I am not going to work that way either. So somehow I have to make peace with all the bits.

Claire Maunsell said...

Yes I totally agree about efficiency and art, but ( and there is a valid but) I have felt myself welling up into panic mode when not one part of my life is streamlined in any way. I CAN function with a 'lively' table (lovely use of the word, by the way), but I'm starting to realize that one small area organized and working allows me to mentally relax and start to work. Like a nucleus for crystal growth...
Perhaps I should rename the blog 'My Life with Bits'....

TesoriTrovati said...

Welcome to BTW! I don't post every week, but if there is one thing that I have learned through this... we beaders are a lot of hoarders, that is for sure! I am slowly trying to 'pigeon hole' everything in my space... I have this great big new desk and table, but I can't get it in the space until I clear the space out a bit, and that entails putting things away! I am appalled at the amount of vessels containing bits and pieces and all manner of left over beads. I am unsure that I will ever have the strength to go through them, but there they sit! I love those pod beads and the ones that look like triangle sandwiches, just like my mother used to cut for me (we called them 'dolly sandwiches' ;-)

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

My best friend who is scientist and a writer always says, "creativity is not efficient".

I know this to be 100% true.

When i look at your work i see lots of love and experimentation. There are probably a whole range of other things in there as well

Good luck with your "problems".

All the best.

Initial Charms said...

I love the ones inspired by the peanuts...I hope they are...they mostly looks similar to some nuts I have seen.Sometimes they are unconscious similarities though.