Thursday, June 17, 2010


June is the month for - many things (berry-picking and the end-of-year school rush jump to mind) - but now it seems to be my month to be a polymerista on the (relatively) new site of Voila!  This site is really focused on bringing forward what's happening in Europe and I have to say that there is a lot of amazing work to look at.  I'm thrilled and honoured to be selected as one of the 'polymeristas' for the month of June.  Christine Dumont, the creator of Viola, invites guest curators to look at submissions to the site.  For June, her companion was Ronna Sarvas Weltman, so this is all very exciting.  Please add this site to your list to follow and do join if you love to work in polymer!  Next month will see Loretta Lam  taking on the role of guest curator!

I'll leave you with a photo of many earring sets in progress, as I have finally come up with a few methods and designs that work more sucessfully.  My problem lately (oh don't lie, it's not lately...) is that I never want to make more than one or two of anything.  Endless variations on a theme, that's my life. The next idea is always beckoning seductively and I 'm constantly gritting my teeth in disappointment that there is not more time in the day... My theory is that it is the route to artistic happiness, but definitely not the road to riches...but you know, that's OK.  There is a balance to be found here and I will find it!

 Some little post earrings in progress...

A variety of hanging earrings in progress with detail... soon to be in my shop!


Genevieve said...

OH my goodness! Congratulations! Headed over to Voila!

I struggle with repetition. I made a necklace last year, it didn't thrill me and I only saw it as the stepping stone to the next thing. But I posted it on etsy and darn it if people didn't keep requesting them. I make them but as a thought they are...empty. I was mentally past the inital "idea".

Hopemore Studio said...

Congrats! Your earrings are fantastic.

So I have to say how much I can sympathize. I too love learning new techniques and coming up with new designs, but I don't enjoy becoming an assembly line and making the same pieces over and over. It never really bothered me that I didn't have a large inventory until I decided to look into art shows, then I realized I must try and make more of each design before my mind gets distracted again.


Lrc said...

I first saw you on etsy's forum...lovely beads,they have great colors and textures!

Pretty Things said...

Oh those are VERY cool!