Friday, September 10, 2010

texture in life

Off on a small road trip today for the weekend to visit my family in Toronto - sans kids!  A grown-up weekend.  The talking books are packed for the car (I can't drive without them ) and I just have to get through the interminable chores before I whiz away!  Lots of time to let ideas drift through my head in the car, at least, before I hit the Toronto traffic....

I've been doing a lot of work that is NOT textured lately, but this doesn't mean I'm leaving it behind.  I try to start each day by making a new small texture plate to try out in my next bout of bead making.  Sometimes these are 'constructed ' textures, and sometimes they are from things I've picked up through the course of the day.  Needless to say, my pockets are usually full of stuff by end of the day - a laundry nightmare if I don't remember!  I can't always tell if I'm going to like the result and I usually make a positive and negative to see which works best.  Lately, the ones I've liked the best have been the ones I've thought a little dull before trying them.  As with most things in life, it is possible to try too hard with texture and find that the result is too much -  unnatural and full of unnecessary gestures. 

Of course, it all depends what your're aiming for!  Perhaps the next time I try one, I'll be aiming for a much more formal look...  Wow, now that I see these here, I see they need a bit of a scrub to remove the excess polymer and corn starch. Yum.  These are all really small, by the way - not more than 2 inches square.  This gives me a lot of flexible little pieces for beads and for spot texturing. 

Back next week with new work to show, or check it out on Flickr


Genevieve said...

Really interesting textures! I am going spend some more time studying the photo as I need to consider making my own texture plates. A lot of my textures are made new each time and I wonder if that is so very authentically handmade...or just a waste of time?
Have a great trip!

Doreen said...

Lovely textures! I have a whole bunch of handmade textures that I haven't used yet. Your picture makes me want to get them out and get busy!

Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh. I followed you over here from Miss Fickle Media and I'm so glad. I love your work!