Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks, Zibbet!

Happy New Year to all of you out there, who may have discovered this blog!  And thank you again for those who have taken the time to comment or drop me a line.  I love your participation.

I have a big thank you to send to Zibbet, who has made me their featured 'Zibbeter' this week!  You can check out the whole Zibbet site by clicking here , or click here to go directly to my interview.  (My, that  sounds so grand...)  Zibbet is  a young site with a lot of good ideas and it is constantly growing and improving.  They solicit feedback from members all the time and actually use it - novel idea, that!  They also respond to concerns or problems quickly...just go take a look.

I won't really be back to work until the 10th of January as the kids do go back to school until then - and meantime, here in the frozen north, we have NO snow to cross-country ski.  It all melted away in a rain storm last week.   Most unusual.  We are hoping for some tomorrow!


MargitB said...

Congrats to your new shop, Claire, and what a beautiful interview, you are really a fascinating person, I am so sorry that there is a deep ocean between us. I am looking forward to your tutorials, hope they'll come soon. Enjoy the remaining "free" days with your family, may be snow comes back (or I'll send you some, we have such a lot of this damned white stuff...)..

Leta Porter said...

Loved the Zibbet Article on you, I am a fellow Zibbeter as well. Leta

Genevieve said...

What a wonderfully in depth interview! I was so intrigued to learn more about you..."my Canadian friend, Claire" as I refer to you. (And now...I feel a bit like a stalker having read what I just wrote.)

GraceC said...

Found your blog through Lori Anderson's BSBP and think your work is wonderful. I gravitate toward neutral and natural colors in my jewelry, and oxidize almost everything, so polymer clay is often too bright to my eye. I just love your pieces though. Do you ever make connectors using sterling loops?

Claire Maunsell said...

Hi Grace! I was just thinking to try some connector pieces with sterling as the colour seemed wrong for copper.
And thank you for your kind comments, all of you!