Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Altered images

I love the look of images transferred onto polymer clay and lord knows, there are a million of them out there in pendant world.  But yes, this is a bandwagon I cannot resist.

I somehow feel compelled to alter the image in some way once I have it on there.  This may have started in the beginning as a reaction to bad transfers, but persists now I have mastered at least one of the techniques for moving images onto polymer.  I guess it feels as though I'm putting my final mark on the image, making it mine, and somehow railing against the techno aspect of transfers. (Printers, computers, special papers etc.)  Maybe I just don't know when to leave it alone...I even do it to my own original images!  But for now it feels right.
I've been experimenting with surface sealants as I'm looking for a particular finish.  I don't like glossy finishes and I love a kind of satiny, waxy finish reminiscent of encaustic painting. ( I did a workshop on encaustic in the distant past ) I'm gradually getting there, of course, it involves more time and building up of thin layers.  And did I mention that the selection of images is tricky?  Yes, but fun.  Just what I need while I figure out problems encountered in other work I want to do.


Genevieve said...

Quite amazing! Image transfer, and then your ability to alter, open a whole new avenue. Another reminder of your creativity and the expanse of polymer's possibilities. What a great combination! I look forward to seeing more.

Doreen said...

I love these little works of art! Nice!