Friday, January 8, 2010

So moved

Start of a new decade, feels fresh and squeaky clean, doesn't it?

The last decade was an oh so transitional one for me which I'm going to leave quietly behind and try not to dwell on (except privately). It is wonderful to have a direction again.

Since my last 10 years have been full of child raising (they are 10 and 12 now) it is wonderful to be able to show a small thing that moved and touched me at Christmas this year - my gift from my 12 year old daughter. She is very like me in some ways, always fiddling and experimenting with materials - and fearless (oh, for youth before doubts creep in!)! We seem to bounce ideas back and forth, and I absolutely owe some of my more interesting tangents to her. It is a casual process: We sit and play with stuff and make small honest comments to each other. She really seriously considers everything I show her. SO valuable, and it's something I never expected, believing, before I had children, that parenting was more of a one-way street. (I teach YOU, not we learn together...)

She made me 5 napkin rings, each one different so each member of the family could keep their cloth napkin until it was dirty. They are loosely related to crystals, and roughly red and green coloured. (Christmas, you know). Then she made a little cabinet for them to live in, with separate shelves and doors - and this was made out of a toilet paper roll. I was so entranced by this use of the materials at hand. Also interesting, though perhaps not evident from the photos, is the way some of these these are strung to be squares. You can pull them into rounds, but then they spring back to being square. Lovely, and so simple.

She does spend hours in her room figuring such sorts of things out, but fortunately, this tendency is balanced by her love of basketball - such extremes, phew....I never expected child-rearing to be so interesting.

As for me, since polymer is such a new substance for me, anything is fair game! Technique-wise, that it. I don't even know enough about any of it to know if I would like it. Although, perhaps I have a small antipathy to caning - not the work done by others, not at all - but as a technique with which somewhat slapdash me could be comfortable - Yes!

Currently, I'm working on altering, painting and colouring image transfers, some of the alteration in photoshop, and some after the transfers. I'm getting closer to what I want - somewhat the look of an encaustic painting in miniature. More on that on Monday.

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This is a beautiful post. I am so proud of your girl. The gift is so precious and interesting! I would love to have that on my word desk.