Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of focus

I'm still working on a list of things I've set myself, one being the use of polymer without paint.  Hmm. Paint withdrawal - not a pretty sight here, but I'll persevere!

Since I have become interested in using images on polymer, this has naturally rekindled my interest in photography - and also in blogs that post photographs of interest to me.  It's difficult to define precisely  what  interests me but  I've been looking more critically at my shots and deleting lots.  A couple of things occur to me here.

 When I was at school for design in glass,  I had a drawing teacher who simultaneously inspired me and annoyed me (isn't that the role of the gifted arts teacher?).  We had a schoolwide project (teachers included) to assemble disparate objects into some sort of sculpture.  We were each given 20 objects - no personal choice was involved.  I remember having a mini 'aha' moment when I looked at my drawing teachers' finished work.  He had taken dark brown micro-crystalline wax and had coated each of his given objects so that only the form remained and had then assembled them into quite a powerful and resolved piece.  All those competing voices were silenced...

I'm finding (late in life, it's true) that focus in photography works that way.  Sometimes when things are blurred, the competing elements are damped down a little and the form or structure is more powerfully evident.  Like this picture of my son opening his birthday present-

Or this, of my front yard,

Which became after fiddling -

So many images, so little time!  My son is in his own world, it makes me laugh! And  oh yes, I'm quite certain my drawing teacher will never read this blog....


artybecca said...

I share your love of the "unfocused" pictures. It's why I love pastels so much, even though I'm not personally good at the "reduced to its basic form" type work (it's harder than it looks!) I took workshops from two who are very good at it, however.
Check these two samples, the first by Desmond O'Hagan:
and the second by Margaret Dyer:

missficklemedia.com said...

This is really interesting and I am curious to see where you will take it.
What did he receive by the way?