Friday, February 25, 2011

bracelet crazy

The last day before the big ( and I mean BIG) Bead Soup Blog Party reveal day tomorrow morning.  Got your post ready ? Got your piece made? Got your piece started? Found your package in the rubble on your'll have to excuse me, I'm never ready, but strangely, this time, I am!  Perhaps this bodes well for future deadlines, I can hope!

 I've been continuing to work on my hollow bracelets and I've sent new ones to my testers Christine Damm, and Anke Humpert, so I 'll give you ( and them ) a preview of what's in their package.  I have so many ideas for these, but school break is coming next week so they will have to wait.  Oh, and read Christine's last post - very interesting!

 Hopefully they will have fun with with them and I'll find out how durable Premo and Pardo really are!

Have fun tomorrow everyone!  And Lori, thank you!  I wish you the best of luck with your book.


Anart Island Studio said...

ohhh!!! Claire they look really great!!! Cant wait to see one of them for real!!!

Christine Damm said...

Just can't wait to see the bangles-- and your Bead Soup! I learned a lot in the process of making mine too but my shoulders are really going to feel it tomorrow! See you in The Soup too!

Jenni C said...

Very cool!

Malin de Koning said...

Your blog has been given the Awesome Blog Award!

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